Feb. 5th, 2017


Feb. 5th, 2017 04:06 pm
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play okami
Pick out fabric for wallet
supply list for wallet
pick up lace, other free stuff
css design
if time: apply for a job/tweak resumè

9:01am: Poor hubs gave himself awful heartburn from last whatever he had last night, so he's at least spending the morning feeling like death at home. Even after my normal breakfast I feel super hungry still, so the workout might have to be a bit later in the day.

9:37am: is it the best looking fabric? No, but I don't know if I'd really even use the wallet anyway, so It is what it is! Some mismatchy non-sense. WHATEVER. I Might have a firend who would like it. I'm eally excited to create thought! I also found some fleece I'm going to try and use to make one of the Choly Knight plushies into as well. It won't look like a "good" thing but it'll be silly which I will accept haha. I have a few things I need to pick up at Jo-ann's to the very least make the wallet though. I'll be doing that late morning/early afternoon I think.

11:45am: job hunting is the worst. I just want a desk job, a secretary job, but like everything is like "secretary degree or equvilant experience" and I havent had that, but I can use a computer well and can learn the rest, alas NO! I should try and force slam the CSS and website development and start trying to get jobs there. I know that's going to take a while to get stable jobs there, but yeah.


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