Jan. 30th, 2017


Jan. 30th, 2017 09:36 am
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I was rather bad with my tasks this week. I'm always bad about doing stuff with husband home lounging around.

Dr Appointment
QA work - Compat testing, play word game.
Start cleaning guest room
maybe try some work out sutff; see how bad I start coughing
do some art (make a better "getting ready" image for him)
call sentor re:devos

I may need to start trying to schedule things based on time. I've had mixed success with it before. But i think I'll try schedule start times for the bigger/more important tasks and see how that encourages me to work.

10:24am: cleaned up the guest room, and even reoganzied the shelving some. So I eneded up opening up a whole cubbie and put the board games in it and cleaned up another one. I pakced away art books and books on how to draw. Put up my sewing stuff for the time, and have manga in piles to be sorted into boxes (eventually). I'm going to pull out my "to sell" box and start posting those up again, and hopefully get rid of it. I still have a long box left ;-; But look at me! Getting things things done finally.

11:57am: tried calling Senator but both lines I called where busy :/

5:26pm: had no desire to try and work out. So that didn't happen. Maybe tomorrow morning??


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