Jan. 23rd, 2017


Jan. 23rd, 2017 09:30 am
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twitch art - stream
compat testing
Clean Kitchen
wash comforter????
general laundry

10:36am: well, I managed to shove the comforter in the washing machine, but i had to keep my leg against the door until it started and locked the door, otherwise the door popped open from the thing. So I dont know how well it's being washed in there. Going to let it go, dry it and see. If i need to go rewash it at a laundromat, then so be it.  Trying to get caught up on other stuff too, but my back is hurting. And i'm really tired.

12:41pm: the nap wasnt very good and everything is making me angry.

1:45pm: still angry. No idea how to stop. I feel like crying, but that will make stuff worse. Trying to do some QA stuff, but the damn thing isnt breaking and sj;dfsd I want to be done with it.

2:36pm: didn't stream the art, but got another piece of logo art done. So good enough for now. 


Jan. 23rd, 2017 04:03 pm
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Make podiatrist appt. DO IT! you have you're own car now. DO IT
Vacuum out car - try to find source of smell
Put in phone holder
More QA
start cleaning guest room - sewing supply storage area
CSS work

10:03am: the appointment making went really fast. The receptionist was nice. So appointment tomorrow! I dont know how it's gonna go. I just would like to be able to wear normal-ishs shoes again and stop dreading shoe shopping and maybe be able to wear something with like a 1" heel????

11:15am: getting the car vacuumed out might be a bit overstating my ability right now. My back and stomach has started hurting again, so I don't think I can go clean the car in the time before the quarters run out. Ah well. Means I can try and do more around the house then?

1:24pm: okay! Hopefully that QA issue is over with now >< Dev need to look at it still but ugh.

1:47pm: did another logo, but I think I need some feedback. Which I wont get until hubs gets home. Anyway, I think I'm just gonna chill and play games for a bit. stupid body

5:06pm: I didn't do anything this afternoon. I laid down in hopes it might help my back, but that it did not. I napped a little so I woke up groggy. Then I played games. So I did nothing productive this afternoon. I would really like to break this trend, and do something more through the day. Usually it's been when I did my "out of the house" kind of tasks, but I have not been feeling up for doing anything from period pains. It should be over in a couple more days, but I'm so tired of this "not doing stuff.

Hub isnt streaming tonight, so maybe we can paint some figures. I doubt he'll have neergy for it, but I think it's something we should keep doing. 


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