Jan. 15th, 2017


Jan. 15th, 2017 08:47 pm
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Grocery store/Target
Vet at noon

CSS time!
doodle garden pals thing
clean living room
clean bathroom
repair blanket
try to QA with dev
work out

that feels like a lot, but it's not. I'm a bit worried I'm gonna be a bit over socialized this week; I went to a knitting group today (Sunday) and my other group meets friday (of course I'm gonna go!) and then the new group meets saturday as well. I want to hang out with individual people and like.. actually build a friendship with someone, but it's so hard to get people to do so ;-;

I want to clean up/reoganize the craft room again, and start listing manga and other stuff I'm selling agian too.

10:19am: I'm rather sore this morning from yesterday's workout, so for "workout" it's going to be doing yoga/stretches in hopes I wont be sore tomorrow to workout then. Trying to keep at least "Every other day" going. Hubs broke the shower head, so I'm going to pick up a new one at Target today. I could try glueing the piece back on, but there's no guarentee that it'll stay together in the heat and humidity of his showers. Just easier to get a new one. I feel tired this morning, so it's making it a little difficult to have the enrgy to really get into the cleaning or other activities today. There's a good chance I'll be napping after the vet/lunch.

4:26pm: QA with dev took a lot longer than I anticipated, and still dint yeild results, so I have to do more tomorrow. I've started repairing the blanket but havent finished yet. I have not looked up any CSS yet. my day felt like it's been everywhere else so far @.@ I'm feeling kinda exhausted, and still have to make dinner :<


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