Jan. 14th, 2017

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Not a lot is going to get done today.

Last night was a very late night, as hubs decided drinking was a great thing to do, so sleep didn't get a chance to happen till like 5 am.

I do need to do some QA work though, as I got very little done yesterday. I think all I did was regress bugs. No biggie. I am partially blocked by another bug occurring I wrote up on the smoke test thursday, so I can't feel too bad for not getting a ton testing done in a section. I think today I should try and work on the connection issue bug, using the two computers.

I got my blanket done last night, so I have to take pictures of it and post for everyone to see :3 I'm going to start a knitting project next. There's sewing projects I want to do, but I'm sort of bummed out between trying to find the right shank for the gathering foot, and now in a spending freeze, so I can't get lace or other stuff I would want for things. There's still stuff I can make though, so it's not like everything is a loss. (Like make adjustments to that underskirt)

At some point I am definately going to nap. I still got up at like 9 even though there was such little sleep. I can feel the tiredness.

Other than QA and napping, I think I'll play some games today. I feel kinda like isolating myself some more from him, and since I dont like have anyone I can go visit for a few hours.....
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There's a long list of stuff I want to complete in terms of my hobbies, so I thought having a complied list would help me remember and work on them when I feel kinda bored and don't know what to do with myself. I should pick one and work on it.

Video Games
Legend of Mana - 100% playthrough with getting all the scenes.
Okami:- get the final weapon - decided to not bother with this anymore. 
Odin Sphere (have ps4 release) Currently Playing
Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and Lost Ocean - 100% play though.
Baten Kaitos: Origins - Just finish the story line.
Okami-den: Finish the story
The World Ends With You - Finish Story
KH series: CoM, 357/2, DDD, etc - finish story. ???? (Do I even care anymore?? I dont know whats going on with this story)
Ever Oasis

Modify the underskirt - the high-low black one I made
make plushies!!! 
bodyline wa-lolita: make it into a skrit or something
tiered skirt remake
see: all patterns in the pattern box lol

Yarn Works
Lacy work scarf - knitting  Now to give it to someone
Learn the Knitted Knocker Pattern before mom visits
 Wild Oats Shawl
3 Gir amigurumis

Reading Omg read some book
Discworld Series
C.S. Pacat short stories
What did you just get on the kindle?

Blade of the Immortal - Finish
Skip Beat
Jellyfish Princess  caught up as of 7/2017

Everything on the CR queue
Escaflowne -rewatch
Cowboy Bebop
Yuri On Ice

cellphone background done in AI/high res
- Redo current one
- try some new ones in the style of the SM backgrounds in tumblr favs
Pokemon trainers
Carmella's Garden
Plant Study

(as of 1/14/17 there's not a ton that is giving me "joy" or I have anticipation to do, so it's a little rough, but I hope having a list to reference will get me to work on stuff, and eventually back to feeling happy again)

7/8 I figure I should update this note section. I have a cosplay planned out for a con in a few months, and actually waiting on them, have been making plushies like mad, but the singer I use to satin stitch appliques on needs to be tuned up, so at this moment it's in the shop, so all my sewing is a bit stalled right now as I wait for the machine or materials to come it. I am enjoying it, it is going good. I've been bad at playing games or watching anime; I am going to try harder to work on those. I'm also in a rut in my art, not really liking anything I'm making. I tried to draw a face the other day and it was awful... I'm going to try and work on that more.as well. 

9/8 update:
I've been working on cosplay, and was doing plushies until my machine threw a fit, but I'm borrowing a replacement and will start plushies again when I am done with the cosplay. Game progress has slowed, I need to get back into trying to play a chapter a day or every other day again. My wrist has been bothering me a lot, lately, so I've been hesitant to crochet (but still want to! I started the wild oats shawl a few days ago and like half way through with it already. But my poor wrist!) I haven't really drawn at all for a few weeks (maybe over a month?) I'm feeling disappointed in myself that I havent been doing all these things. My mornings seem taken up with house related cares. I will start trying to be on a better schedule for them, at least until the con (AWA) 
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Today ended up super lazy, so I got some work to do!

Work out
laundry (cold wash at least)

QA work - R game connection issues

11:54am: Did some QA work, found that it is occurring, but there is little on my end I can do to do see why it is. So hopefully the dev will be on later and we can work together to figure it out. Or do it monday.

SO i'm gonna get my second load of laundry done.


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