Jan. 10th, 2017

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Jan. 10th, 2017 08:29 pm
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Feeling a little crappy. We're making plans to buy a house and trying to budget it out. It would be a big help if I could actually get a job that paid a decent wage and had regular hours (instead of like maybe 7 hours a week at minimum wage) but trying to find things that 1) I think I can physically do (so no one my feet all the time) and 2) actually have the experience to do is proving very hard. I'll even not try to find jobs with a regular schedule if I can find SOMETHING.

But it's making me feel pretty depressed. It's difficult and I feel like a super useless person, as there's nothing I have skills in, or enough skills to be hirable. I really need to start applying myself to SOMETHING and learn it. AKSDFlksdfsd feeling like a terrible uselss lazy sack of shit and waste of space.

  • Workout

  • Crochet

  • Ask hubs about web design

  • watch some AE tutorials

  • apply for a job, try to get 3 apps in.

Hubs said he would help me out to get my web design stuff. One of the big hurdles I face with well, creative practice stuff, is I dont have a thing I want to do?? Like a "well, I need to make something but I dont know what" and aimlessly doing stuff isn't the best. But he said he had ideas for me and that'll be a great help.

11:45 am: Having a hard time to find motivation or energy to do stuff. I tried to find jobs to apply for, and was rather excited for one of them, until I found the line that said I had to be a currently enrolled student. DARN IT! Instead of trying to do that and getting depressed and feel more drained, I am going to shift gears and do either AE tutorials, or find some web design/coding tutorials and courses. It's something I can put more positive energy into and will be good.

9:35pm: I never managed to make myself workout. I just wasn't feeling it :/ 


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