Jan. 9th, 2017

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Whoops, I meant to do laundry yesterday, but never did.

Instead hubs and I went to the coffee shop, and I started drawing out some little characters, and we talked about desiging his game. Also designed him a new logo to use for his stream. So while I didn't get a lot done that I wanted to, it was a good day for trying to reclaim myself.

Take out trash and boxes

QA work - some Compat Testing, hit D2 up if I need to do anything else
Redo the logo in AI - so it can scale easier.

About the characters:
They're inspired by the Sentimental Circus series. I don't really know much about them other than like their merch. I'm in love with the merch. I get the sticks a lot. But it's just a handful of animals doing random stuff?? Like there's a garden theme, nautical, Alice, Red Ridinghood, etc. And they're dressed up interacting with objects just being cute???? I don't know how else to really explain it. It has this nice bit of whimsy to them. I really enjoy it. So I'm making my own kind of creatures???

I've got a greyr cat with a white belly, working on a crow, and maybe going to add a goat. I tried to do a pug, but the face was giving me some trouble, so I moved on for now. I may want to add a Norwegin forest cat, I haven decided. Then maybe a pig, and IDK. The theme I'm going to do is gardening I think. It's a good excuse for lots of random flowers and vegetables and fruit.

I'm just trying to have fun as I do it, as it's just kinda for me, so if I'm having fun, thats all that matters right??

QA musings

Jan. 9th, 2017 11:36 am
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I got the laundry done and a few other chores, now I'm struggling with what I want to do in QA.

I think I will first go over the bug tracker, and make sure I've checked as many as I can, and then I will do a FF/IE/etc HTV test, to make sure things work as expected.

Then I'll go through last weeks notes to see if there was something I needed to check and didn't make note of it.

I shoudl also try and borrow the iphone to do a quick test of HTV/smoke test on iOS mobile.

Then Android Mobile smoke test.

I feel like that should cover stuff???

1/10 goals

Jan. 9th, 2017 09:59 pm
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  • wash hair

  • work out

  • take out boxes (if it's warm enough)

  • QA work - Android smoke, FF/IE/etc HTV test

  • cold wash laundry

  • redo the ZT logo in AI

Also probably play some more FFXV, Crochet, and try and doodle some more of the garden pals. It's husbands non-streaming day, so IDK if he'll want to hang out and do something or not together.

I had gone through the notes and I think cover everything mentioned there, so yay that. I had told d2 about the testing converage, so we'll see what he says, all in prep for talking with d1 about it.

I need to resume my job search too. :<

10:28am: okay so the work out as kinda half done, I got a bit of a headache this morning, thought it was gone, and half way through it came back and it's hard to continue pushing your body when it feels like there's a knife working its way through your skull. I plan to finish it/do more later in the day when the headache should be gone.

1:41pm: I've gotten most of the stuff I want done today. I have done the QA stuff, and not entirely sure I will. A friend may or may not come over. I invited them earlier, and they said they had to check one of their jobs first, but they might. I havent heard if they are going to work or not, and since it's been a few hours, I'm just going to assume they arent. Which is kinda okay with me right now since my stomach is apparently upset about what I had for lunch or something, so I'm not feeling super well. My computer is still crashing a lot, and still no idea why, but it did a disk check on itself this time, so I wonder if the HDD is dying or something?? I'm keeping stuff backuped on the TB drive, in hopes it's not THAT one that is dying, but we will see. 


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