Jan. 6th, 2017

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Feeling very grumpy this morning. There's a winter storm coming in, and I went to the grocery store yesterday, TELLING MY HUSBAND that I was ONLY GETTING STUFF FOR TONIGHT since he said he was going out ALSO that evening, and for him to get stuff for the weekend. HE DID NOT!

He only got some munchie stuff, and like NOTHING ELSE TO STOCK UP!

So I had to go again this morning, and it was just as packed as yesterday, and now even MORE stuff is gone and like wtf. Why couldnt he have grabbed more stuff when he was out shopping. Grumble.

With QA work, I had been skimping on doing OSX/Safari testing, because 1) I dont really have a mac, and need to use my husbands 2) forget/cant borrow his cellphone, and I think someone else on the team has one anyway so. The Owner wants to go over/update the list of devices that I"m testing on, which probably should have been updated when the other QA person left, since I don't have a lot of those lol


I dont know what Im going to say, and I'm worried about being found as a fraud or not doing well enough or something. I dont like anger and disappointment. I'm just gonna have to deal with it though aren't i?

grumpy and anxious, what a combo to be.

I think I'll play games till noon, eat lunch and then do some QA work.  
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Tomorrow is my birthday, but we're hunkering down at the apartment for the weekend because there's suppose to be a winter snow/ice storm tonight and tomorrow.

So in the mean time, good time to work on stuff??

QA work
      -Compat testing on safari/iphone/firefox/IE/etc
      -try and do some more HTV testing and feedback
      -maybe some more bug regression
Try and get another side and a half done on the blanket, since i had to rip the 3rd row out almost all the way for a mistake I made ;-;
Vacuum Bedroom

IDK what else. Maybe apply for some more jobs, I havent dont that today or yesterday.

I felt a bit depressed today, for no real reason. Just rather down. I cheered some up after a nap/husband came home, so that's nice.

5:30pm : I've also applied for another job! Not really excited to have this job, and kinda hope that I don't get it, but if I do, I would still take it. In hopes that I can be like "office admin experience". Since I honestly don't think any of the office admin jobs I've applied for so far would even concider me :<  


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